People are much more than metrics

There are complex humans behind your analytics. Philip Reese is a qualitative research agency that helps you understand what matters to them and how to engage them.

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Philip Reese delivers insights

Businesses use our findings to guide innovation, clarify future work, create relevant messaging, and increase internal alignment. Across tactical engagements and strategic, foundational studies, we deliver powerful, thought-provoking insights rooted in customer behavior and attitudes.

Deep understanding

Uncover your customer’s experiences, challenges, and desires as they relate to your offer and its competitors.

Easier decisions

Understand customer decision journeys, so you can interact when, where, and in ways that work best.

Clear messaging

Develop and refine your messaging language and imagery to resonate with your audiences and be sure they understand you.

Emerging needs

Find new opportunities to deliver what your customers aren’t currently getting—even if they can’t tell you what it is.

Peek around the corner

Combine your know-how with Philip Reese insights to discover what will matter to the future of your business.

Grow in the right direction

Decide what to do next to guide sustainable growth for your company and customers.

Some brands that are leveraging our insights

Our Winning Formula

Our proven anthropology-inspired qualitative research delivers timely insights and a deep understanding of what matters to your key consumers. The result – better business decisions.

Easy Partnership

Philip Reese custom research helps you to discover more about the needs and desires of your audience

“Philip Reese’s input on the research design was extremely thoughtful, collaborative and very much appreciated. A+ for execution!”

Consumer Insights Director, CPG

Deep Research

Philip Reese takes on the heavy lifts of recruiting, research, and reporting, so you can focus on putting our insights to work.

“Highly beneficial … I especially liked the way you made spending time with consumers so easy. I feel like I know them a lot better now.”

Brand Manager, CPG

Remarkable Results

Our flexible reporting delivers rich clarity about your audience and the contexts of their decisions.

“Your ‘draft’ is better than most people’s final report.”

Remarkable Results

Manufacturing company builds sales

How our insights drove new sales opportunities for a legacy medical manufacturer in a highly commoditized sector.

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Preschool goes from F to A+

How we helped an education and advocacy-focused nonprofit rebuild its failing preschool program.

Read the case study

Winning the compliance game

How we collaborated with a Fortune 500 technology corporation to improve employee engagement around compliance.

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About Philip Reese

Philip Reese is a consumer research company that brings the human story into the heart of important customer and stakeholder decisions. That means we do a lot of qualitative research—depth interviews, focus groups, and in-context, such as ethnography.

By supplying a deep understanding of their customers, we helps our clients to avoid launching duds into the marketplace. Our goal is to help businesses deliver products and services that resonate with their consumers.

Since 2007, Philip Reese has provided consumer insights to innovative B2C, B2B, and nonprofit organizations.

Philip Reese is based in Richmond, VA, with team members and collaborators nationwide.


Paitra Russell, PhD, Principal Researcher

Paitra Russell, PhD

Co-Founder & Principal Researcher

Trained in cultural anthropology at Harvard and the University of Chicago, Paitra has more than two decades of experience studying consumers’ lives, attitudes, activities, and environments.

After earning her PhD, she built and managed a successful in-context research practice for a Fortune 200 company, representing the voice of the consumer to senior leadership, brand managers and product developers. She is a seasoned and talented facilitator of interactions with consumers and an adept trainer for management teams in the art and science of observational research.

Paitra is passionate about understanding human experiences. When she’s not hanging out with consumers, you’ll find her reading sci-fi, writing creative nonfiction, or playing card games with her sons and husband.

Joeffrey Trimmingham, MFA, Lead Consultant

Joeffrey Trimmingham, MFA

Co-Founder & Lead Consultant

Joeffrey’s approach to consulting is grounded in his training in mathematics at Northwestern University, industrial design at the University of Illinois Chicago, and more than two decades of entrepreneurship and advisory experience.

After completing his master’s degree, he built an award-winning design and branding agency. The company served more than 200 clients including small businesses, nonprofits, and Fortune 500 companies. Joeffrey works as an advisor to business leaders, helping them to uncover opportunities to improve their results.

Joeffrey loves great design and music. He enjoys traveling to new spots, binge-watching thought-provoking series and playing card games with his sons and wife.