Much more
than metrics

We connect you to the humans behind your numbers

Since 2007, Philip Reese has helped successful brands plan and innovate around deep human insights and motivations, using qualitative research strategies and techniques to uncover actionable stories buried within your brand’s quantitative data and analytics.

Much More Than Metrics




Answer the whys and the why-nots

We help your organization push past the “who,” “what,” “when,” and “where” questions. You’ll get deeper answers of “how” and “why” consumers want to engage with you.

Go from data rich to insights rich

We help you understand how to engage consumers in ways that increase your returns and chances for success. You’ll know their motivations, what works and what doesn’t.

Learn more from each release cycle

We help your teams integrate learnings into your brand operations. You’ll get data that becomes part of your deeper knowledgebase, so you’re faster and more efficient to decision.

We bring the consumer perspective into your decisions, finding insights that are easy to understand, actionable and get you results.

Through smart research and easy partnership, we bring context to your data and uncover the hidden stories, and help you align around what matters most.

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