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Attempting to identify unmet customer needs? Philip Reese uses ethnographic methods to see deep into your customer's world, to uncover the gaps in their experience that your company might fill and options for filling them.

Trying to develop a deeper understanding of product opportunities? If your data—or your gut—are pointing toward opportunities, we use customer observations to reveal insights and strategic options that take the guesswork out before you pour more money in.

Want to take advantage of natural purchase motivations? When you're ready to understand how customers are choosing or not choosing to purchase, we combine point-of-sale observation with other methods to illuminate the factors that are influencing their decisions and what you can do about it.


Contact us for more information about our approach or to talk about where you are and where you'd like to shine a little light.

Example Successes

900% increase in retail traffic in less than three months

Unanticipated cross-segment positioning opportunities for top tier food retailer

Award-winning corporate communications program deployed to 22 countries

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