Getting out of the dark

The challenge of innovation

A friend recently told us about his Fortune 500 company's launch of a product that was roundly rejected by consumers.

Undoubtedly, the millions spent could have been better used. How can a company, especially those with fewer resources, make more sound decisions about where to invest, where to innovate?

Illuminate your decision making

Get to know “what”

The customer's experience of products and services can be wildly different from a company's internal perspective. Capturing your customer's point-of-view is crucial to understanding where your thinking diverges from your real opportunity. Philip Reese uses innovative research methods to reveal alignments and misalignments from your customer's perspective.

Understand “so what”

Getting the customer's voice without understanding its significance means you're still in the dark. Our Rapid Triangulation Process, is an evidence-based approach that translates the customer's point-of-view into actionable business guidance.

Identify “now what”

What strategic direction can be pursued as a result of what is learned? Where are the best opportunities that align your company's position and direction with your customer's needs and outlook?

Our team helps you frame a perspective that offers lasting opportunity for focused innovation rather than shots in the dark. We also develop brand platforms that support ongoing engagement.


Bethel New Life
Institute for Juvenile Research
Kraft Foods
McKinsey & Company
Muntu Dance Theatre of Chicago
National Black MBA Association

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