Not cookie cutter


After wrapping up a recent project, the client said something that was refreshing, even though we’ve heard it before.

When asked about our competitors, they indicated that a key reason for choosing Philip Reese was that we didn’t come to them with a pre-made solution. Instead, we worked with them to determine what was the best approach to getting at the insights they needed. Then, we designed the research to deliver those insights. Essentially, we don’t offer “cookie cutter” solutions.

Why do we do this?

For starters, we work with a broad range of businesses that include public, private and nonprofit, and our projects have been across more than 17 industries. The breadth of that experience has led to learning the many nuanced considerations of our clients including how they connect with their customers — who they are, where they are, how accessible they are, in what ways, etc. But our clients also have unique business models and unique business requirements for their projects. Coming to them with pre-designed solutions can work for generalizable data, but not for data that can uniquely serve them in engaging their markets.

The greater issues for us are linked to what we need to understand. That means discerning what’s ultimately necessary to get insights.

It definitely requires more than just asking them to complete a survey and often much more than conducting a couple of focus groups.

Examples of some of our recent engagements:

  • Eight internal stakeholders and 6 group depth interviews
  • 12 individual depth interviews combined with in-home and follow-along ethnography
  • 24 online qualitative surveys with streaming interviews
  • 60 event intercepts and 4 group stakeholder interviews
  • 80 in-depth interviews in four regionally diverse markets

Just as a fish can’t discover water, it’s been proven that people can’t explain what’s unconscious to them. Our custom research is designed to get past what’s conscious and into what’s hidden and projective. That’s the type of data that we gather to deliver the insights that advance your work. 

We believe that connecting what matters to your business AND to your consumers can’t be discovered without accounting for the particular situations of both.

When you’re ready to understand your customers and prospects deeply enough to set your offering apart in their minds, let’s chat. It’s free, and there’s no obligation.

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