Smart research

True insight transcends information

It can be daunting to make sense of today’s mountain of consumer data. Even tougher is finding the path that leads to effective action. Philip Reese conducts custom qualitative research to gather, analyze, and curate what matters to your markets.

Smart Research

Smart Research provides game-changing insights into customer behaviors, perceptions, and experiences to spotlight what they are trying to do, how they are trying to do it, and why.

By illuminating your customers’ motivations, we lead you to an actionable path to more relevant products, more impactful programs, sustainable services, and stronger messaging.

We use proven qualitative methods to tailor research to you and your audiences

Understand your customer

Uncover the triumphs, challenges, and desires that your customers experience with your offer and its competitors.

Decipher decision-making

Know the journey to your customers’ decisions with actionable roadmaps for speaking to them at each step.

Master messaging

Develop and refine the language and images that resonate with your audiences, and be sure they understand you.

Identify emerging needs

Find new opportunities to deliver what your customers aren’t currently getting—even if they can’t tell you what it is.

Peek around the corner

Combine existing knowledge with new  learning to discover what will soon matter to your customers.

Grow in the right direction

Decide what to do next to direct sustainable growth for your company and customers.

Our research informs decision-making at every stage of innovation


You have an idea


You have concepts


You have a prototype


You’re preparing to launch


You want to improve results

You have an idea

We’ll determine if your idea can succeed with your customers and recommend adjustments that make strategic sense.

You have concepts

We’ll discover if your concepts resonate with your ideal customers. Our research provides more insight into what is working, what’s not working, what can be improved, and some ideas you may not have even considered.

You have a prototype

We’ll get it into people’s hands to get their experience of it. We can determine how well it is liked, what adjustments are needed and, most importantly, how likely customers are to buy the finished product.

You’re preparing to launch

We’ll put your message in front of your ideal consumers (both customers and non-customers) and discover what resonates with them, what doesn’t, and what course corrections should be made.

You want to improve results

You have a program that’s been implemented. We’ll help you interpret the impact of your program with your customers and what adjustments will improve you results.

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